After-Before Friday: Walls Bleed

Here is my first submission to the After-Before series that Stacy Fisher, who runs the awesome and insightful blog, Visual Venturing.  You can all the other entries at the AB Forum.

After After-WallBleed





I wanted to make the original photo make cinematic to make the scene more lively and put an emphasis on the bleeding of the wall.  To accomplish this, first I made a marquee around the core bleeding and boosted the feathering to make it not so  noticeable of the circle.  A curves layer was added to make it more cinematic and give the picture depth. I boosted the blue and greens to make to wall compliment the black on the wall more and the reds slightly to give more life to the sidewalk.  I then added a vibrance layer  to get a little more out of the leafs and sidewalk.  The last step was to make the overall image a tad bit sharper to make it more gritty and urban to compliment the story behind the photo.

The Story

The city is alive and well and waiting, bleeding for someone to explore it.  Explore as in getting the most of what the world has to offer.  In regards to photography it could mean just walking around and taking time to admire the  scenery.  I could  literally walk around my neighborhood and come home with a ton of pictures. Not all of them will be good but its all about the experience, seeing the beauty in what other might see as mundane is pretty cool feeling.  I sort of feel like this wall was urging me to take a photo of it, it just needed to get my attention.

As I look at this, the crevices of the walls seems to be spewing out this  mysterious stark black liquid which forms a deep puddle. Where the spewing occurs it looks as if the bricks are about to break off.  Like a battle tested somebody who is hanging up the towel, and come to grips knowing what was set out, was accomplished.


2 thoughts on “After-Before Friday: Walls Bleed”

  1. Isaiah, thanks so much for the shout out! Love what you’ve done with your photo and the description of your processing steps. Would like me to include the two of them in tomorrow’s post with a link back here? I’d sure enjoy having them as part of the gallery! Simply email them to me today at and I’ll be delighted to include them!

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